Darren and Sierra

Wedding Date: August 29, 2015 at the Wells County 4-H Park Grounds and Hall.

‘We met completely thanks to our fathers. It was a crop insurance meeting where the fathers met. Sierra’s dad (Neil), her grandpa, and her aunt with Darren’s dad, Tom (he is the crop insurance adjuster) all had a hand in our initial meeting. Somehow, Darren and I will never know the full truth since all stories are a little different. They all, in some way, got on the subject of me (Sierra) dating someone Neil couldn’t stand. That is when Neil asked Tom if he had any available sons. From there, numbers were exchanged. But, I (Sierra) knew nothing of this until two weeks later which is when Darren sent me a friend request on Facebook. Darren, however, knew right away and turned to Facebook because he didn’t want to scare me off by texting right away (plus they had lost my number for awhile). We talked on Facebook for about 2 months before Darren started texting me. From there, Darren asked for the first date. This, in essence, was a blind date except for seeing Facebook photos of each other. From there, we were dating once a weekend and by a month- in we were dating twice a weekend. Not long after that we started seeing each other once during the week. And that lasted for about three years. We have known each other for about a total of six years now.’

‘Three years into our relationship we bought a house in the middle of the county, the halfway point for both our farms. We are going on two years living together and after much nagging Darren finally popped the question. I wanted to be surprised by not even choosing the ring. However, Darren wouldn’t go shopping without me. We went and picked out a ring and had it for about two weeks when Darren surprised me. He lied about having to work late and boy, he pulled that off well! He actually went to buy me Debrand’s Chocolate, a big box of all Debrand caramels, my favorite! He put the ring in one section and waited for me to open it.’

‘It took us a good month to even really think of a wedding date or what we even wanted. Being farmers, we knew we only had a select few months to choose. We finally decided on the 4-H Park because it is our half- way point. The date was easy to pick because it is the only availability for August. Plus, it is nice to have the ceremony and reception in one spot…especially since we plan on having the ceremony outside, weather-permitting. The most fun part of wedding planning is really learning how to work together as a couple to find what we like as a team and not as individuals. Most stressful is the most obvious: Budget. Money. The Green Stuff!’

‘I have never been the bride that dreamed of her wedding. I honestly thought I would never have a wedding. The only thing I’ve ever wanted with a wedding is the father/daughter dance. I’ve had that song picked out since my Dad dedicated to me for my birthday when I was little.’

 Sierra’s view (on ‘when she knew he was the one’):’ I honestly believe I knew as early as our first, blind date. However, I don’t believe I actually thought about it until about two years into our relationship. I lived through my parent’s divorce and that is why I was in no rush to get married or think of it. I knew he was the one because he can make me smile no matter how I feel. From the very first date being with him was so calming, like I could be myself no matter what. I couldn’t imagine life without him.'

Darren’s view (one when he ‘knew she was the one’):’ I would have to say I knew I wanted to marry her by the second date when I took her to a rodeo and she wanted to eat at McDonalds on the way there. I would have to say that her being a “farmer’s daughter” and before meeting her she had senior pictures with a tractor.  Sierra understands the demands of farming and not too many girls can understand that. We will always be in love.’