Meet Amanda and Bradley, who are to be married on September 5 at The Masonic Temple in Fort Wayne.

Amanda, who grew up in Fort Wayne, graduated from IPFW in 2013 and is a paralegal with a law firm in town, confesses she loves glitter.  She loves it so much that the theme of her wedding is…glitter! Amanda admits to loving things that sparkle.  Because Bradley is a Mason, they both knew they wanted to have their wedding and reception at the Masonic Temple, and were pleased that with the weekend available to them--- Labor Day. Suffice it to say theirs will be a Labor Day with some ‘bling.’

Bradley, from New Haven and also a recent IPFW Graduate, is a programmer for SDI in Columbia City.  He proposed to Amanda on her birthday, after taking her to Takaoka for dinner.  On a walk through the park after they finished eating, he gave her a card with a very sweet message and got down on one knee right there in the park and asked her to marry him.  Bradley had managed to choose an engagement ring, keep it secret and keep the ring hidden the entire evening, then surprised her with it as he proposed.  Amanda had not seen it prior to that evening but says it is ‘perfect!’ 

Amanda and Bradley met while both were working at a local restaurant, but Amanda admits she wasn’t too sure about him at first.  She thought he was ‘cute but different.’ They ended up hanging out with mutual work friends and began getting to know each other better.  Now dating for more than 5 years, they have been engaged since August, 2014. When asked what they found to be the most fun part of wedding planning, they exclaim: ‘Getting together with family and friends to celebrate and discuss the wedding plans.’  Conversely, when asked what has been the most stressful aspect of planning their big event, Bradley says, tongue-in-cheek: ‘Amanda!’  Both agree they do not want their ceremony to be ‘long and drawn out.’

Amanda fell in love with Bradley because ‘… (He) is definitely one of a kind.  He is intelligent, sweet, and a loving father (to his 12-year-old son).  He has always challenged me to be better, yet completely accepted me for who I was.’  Bradley says this of Amanda: ‘When looking into Amanda’s eyes, I could always see her beauty-inside and out.’

They share many mutual interests: Going on long walks to explore new areas of Fort Wayne, finding different places to eat, and exploring new places to sip drinks. Independently, Bradley enjoys games, movies and computers while Amanda cherishes her time with friends and family.

Both cite the same example when asked what the funniest thing that has happened to them in terms of wedding planning.  They were having a difficult time deciding on ‘their song’ since they didn’t really have one. They agreed on a few, but when Amanda heard a particular song on the radio, she knew it was theirs.  Bradley was not so easily convinced!  On Christmas, with his family, they made a deal: If Amanda would take a shot of rum (which she detests) she would get her song.  Bradley, confident Amanda would not take a shot, underestimated her.  She took the shot, and Ed Sheeran will croon out ‘Thinking Out Loud’ when it is time for their first dance.

Bradley had a few ‘deal breakers’ of his own when they were making their wedding plans- including Mexican Food at the reception and skeleton wedding cake toppers from Mexico for their cake.  When asked specifically about the one thing they did not agree on when planning their wedding, both referred back to the ‘shot of rum’ mentioned earlier.  When asked if they had to choose one song to characterize their relationship, both referred back to the ‘shot of rum.’   Funny thing: Guess where they wish to spend their honeymoon?  Jamaica!  Seems like one of the main staples of Jamaica is….RUM!  Look out, Bradley!  I wouldn’t be making any dares while on your honeymoon.  Remember: SHOT OF RUM!