Heather and Dustin's wedding takes place Saturday at Pokagon State Park, a fitting location for this outdoorsey couple.

Together six year and engaged for one-and-a-half, Dustin recalls how he finally met Heather: 'When we were freshman at IU, we lived in neighboring dorms. There was a food hall in her dorm and, on occasion, I would see this gorgeous girl I wanted to meet. A year later, I passed her on my way back to my dorm from the bus stop.  I told my brother if I had the chance, I was going to speak to her.  As it turned out, she arrived with a mutual friend shortly after Christmas at a party I was throwing.  I introduced myself and, from that point on, there has not been a day we haven't been together.'

Heather shares the elaborate plan Dustin had to propose: 'I was working at the jewelry store that Dustin actually bought my ring from, under an assumed name.  We went to Lake Monroe often, so I didn't think anything of it when he wanted to go fishing one evening. I read while he fished and eventually we made our way to a smal bay. We pulled up on the bank and Dustin suggested we find a place to grill dinner.  After we ate, we climbed a small cliff, where I saw papers taped to a tree.  Here, Dustin had taped a list of the highlights of our relationship.  As the sun was setting, I neared the end of the list when I turned around to see him, down on one knee, ring in hand, proposing.'  

Heather says she loves Dustin 'because he is always happy.  He makes me feel like I am the only girl he sees.  I knew I loved him when our perfect date can be something as simple as hiking, or staying on the lake the entire day.  We do not need to spend a ton of money, we are both extremely happy just being with each other.'

Their song, 'Who I Am With You' by Chris Young sums up their relationship perfectly.  Two young adults with old souls... it doesn't get much better than that.  Unless, of course, Dustin manages to reel in the prize-winning bass at Pokagon.  But, knowing these two, I suspect that would just be the culmination of a once-in-a-lifetime weekend and the start of many happy years together, on the lake.

'We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.'  Here is to a lifetime of smooth sailing for this lovely couple!