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She Said Yes: Hear Their Story: Heather and Dustin


She Said Yes: Hear Their Story: Heather and Dustin

Heather and Dustin's wedding this weekend takes place at The Potawatomi Inn at Pokagon State Park, a fitting location for this outdoorsey couple.

Together for six years, engaged for 1 1/2, Dustin says they met as Freshman at Indiana University, where they lived in neighboring dorms. He says: 'There was a food hall in her dorm, and on occasion I would see this gorgeous girl I always wanted to meet.  A year later, I passed her on my way to my dorm from the bus stop.  I told my brother that I always see this gorgeous girl and if I have the opportunity to meet her, I am going to talk to her.' After Christmas that year, I threw a party.'  To Dustin's surprise, a good friend of his was friends with Heather and she came to that party. Dustin introduced himself to Heather and 'from then on, there wasn't a day that went by that we didn't talk,' Dustin recalls.

Heather remembers how Dustin proposed: 'I was working at the jewelry store that Dustin bought my ring from. I had it picked out and and, right before we moved from Bloomington, he bought my ring under a fake name.  We went to Lake Monroe a lot, so I did not think anything of it when he wanted to go fishing one night.  I was reading on the boat while he fished, when we found our way into a small bay.  Dustin told me he was going to throw one more cast, then find a place to grill dinner. He caught a nice bass, then we pulled up on a bank.  At this point, Dustin suggested we hike for a bit.  I was all for it, so we climbed a small cliff.  When we reached the top, I saw a piece of paper taped to a tree.  On it, Dustin had written highlights of our relationship.  The sun was setting as I read the last entry and, when I turned around, Dustin was on one knee, proposing.'

When asked when they fell in love, Dustin says: 'The night she told me she loved my fishing...I love that she loves the outdoors and the country.  And, of course, I love her stunning good looks.'  Heather shares: 'I fell in love with him because he is always happy.  He makes me feel like I am the only girl he sees. I knew I loved him when our perfect date is either hiking or being together on the lake all day.  We do not need to spend a ton of money.  We are both extremely happy just being with each other.'

Their song, 'Who I Am With You' by Chris Young sums up Heather's sentiments exactly.  

Two young adults with old souls joined together this weekend?  It doesn't get much better than that!  Unless, of course, Dustin manages to reel in that prize-winning catfish at Pokagon.  Somehow, I think that pales in comparison to his anticipation of marrying his soul mate.  He's already caught his prize!





She Said Yes! Hear Their Story:      Michele and John


She Said Yes! Hear Their Story: Michele and John

Michele and John met a little over 6 years ago at their friends' lake house.  John thought he blew his chance of dating Michele when they went Jet-skiing and he accidentally hit her with the boat!  Dazed by a hit on the head, Michele was not deterred as she rose from underwater, laughing.  Agreeing to a date, they spent their first 'official' date at a Toledo Mudhens baseball game.  Michele was so nervous, she locked her keys in her car!  John, ever resourceful, fished them out via her sunroof with a coat hanger.  Since that very first date, the two have been inseparable.

John proposed while on vacation in the Florida Keys, while they were swimming in the ocean.  He literally proposed while they were in the water- on bended knee!

Michele and John, to be married this Saturday at Salomon Farms, chose a country theme for their ceremony and reception because, in her words: 'It's who we are; we love the outdoors- love to hunt and fish and didn't want the wedding to be serious or stuffy.'

Michele says she knew John was 'the one' gradually: After the first couple months, she saw him as a life-long partner.  When John was apparently going to be deployed in the military, then the orders were changed, the relief they both felt indicated to them how hard they had fallen for each other and how heartbreaking the thought of separation was for both of them- they knew they were meant to be together forever.'

Michele says she fell for John because he is 'loyal, caring and brave.  He is my best friend.  He makes me laugh and is someone I can turn to whenever I  need help.  He has seen me cry (she never cries in front of others) and is the first to attempt to make things better. He is someone I can be myself around without judgment.  Even though it sounds cliche, I feel he is my other half.  I am quiet and reserved, he is loud and outgoing. We are the exact opposite, which I love. I can calm him when he is stressed, and he boosts my confidence and encourages me to take risks.'

Michele is a registered nurse and John is a Mechanical Engineer specializing in Research and Development. They share a love of fishing, hunting, hiking, kayaking, traveling, spending time outdoors and their dogs (two dachshunds- Hunter and Bailey).  John likes to rebuild cars and create things- including building a snow plow for his four-wheeler!  Michele, a gardener and avid reader, recently discovered a love of sewing and designing and making her own dresses.

The couple have found wedding planning stressful, so they chose a small, intimate ceremony and reception because, for them, it's about family and celebrating their love for each other with simple, meaningful activities.

In the process of buying their first home, they hope to delay an Hawaiian honeymoon until next year.  

We cannot wait to share their most important day and, eventually, see pictures of their first home, dogs and Hawaiian honeymoon pictures!